Users and Team Collaboration

In this demo we are going to walk through the two types of users in EZ File Drop along with some best practices on how to make team collaboration within EZ File Drop more successful.

We’ll cover the basics in the post below, but be sure to watch the video above to learn best practices for team collaboration.


User Types

There are two different types of users in EZ File Drop, Team Owners and Team Members. The only difference between the two is that Team Owners can manage Users and Billing. 


Creating a New User

From the Users page, select Create New User.

Input their name, email, a temporary password, check the box requiring them to change their password upon next login, and assign their role.

NOTE: A single EZ File Drop Business or Premium subscription allows up to 20 users, all with their own forms and cloud destinations.


What is a “Shared” form?

Any user can opt to share any of their forms with their team in the form Setup menu.

A teammate's shared form will appear in your forms list with this icon. Any forms that you share will also have the same icon In your other team members accounts. 

The biggest use case for sharing a form with your team is to allow the whole team to view submissions. 

NOTE: Only the forms owner can edit a shared form. 

NOTE: Since cloud destinations are unique to each user, the form owner must set the cloud destination’s sharing permissions appropriately if access to the uploaded content is desired.


Duplicate a Form

You can duplicate any form that you have created or that has been shared with you.

Select the three dot menu on the form you’d like to duplicate, then select Duplicate Form.

Duplicating a form can save a lot of time if you already have a complex form built with custom style settings. 

NOTE: Duplicating a form does not carry over the cloud destination settings. You will need to set the cloud destination settings before the duplicated form can be published. 


Deleting a User

As a Team Owner, you may remove any Team Member from your team. Simply navigate to the Users menu, select the three dots menu icon for the user you want to delete and select delete user

If this user has any shared forms, the Team Owner must assign these forms to another user. The app will prompt you to do so automatically.

All of the reassigned forms will be set to draft mode, and the new owner will need to set a new cloud destination and re-publish them. 

This is to ensure that any shared form entry data collected won't be lost when a user is deleted.


Change Form Owner

At any time, you can pass ownership of any of your forms to another member of your team. To do so, select Edit on your form, then select Form Owner in the sub menu. 

The new owner will now see that form in their Upload Forms list. All settings will be carried over except the Cloud Destination. Once a new Cloud Destination is set, the form can be published. 


Team Usage

Team Owners and Team Members can view the entire team's usage statistics by billing period in the Usage menu. Usage is measured by transfer bandwidth per billing period. Team Members can see used bandwidth by each of their forms. Team Owners can see the same as well as used bandwidth by each user on their team. 

Team Owners will be notified in the app when used bandwidth exceeds 90% in a billing period. If you exceed your plans bandwidth you will be billed $20 for each additional block of 100GB used in the remainder of that billing period. 

Written by Eric Stracke