Dynamic File Organization in EZ File Drop

What is Dynamic File Organization?

Simply put, it’s a way for EZ File Drop to use the information entered in form fields to automatically create custom named folders and subfolders to help you organize the files being uploaded. 

A simple upload portal to receive files is convenient, but for many large, complex scenarios, having automated organization that can scale as fast or as big as you need it to - well, that’s the magic that makes EZ File Drop so powerful. And frankly, what makes it a truly professional tool.


Before setting the upload destination and creating dynamic subfolders, you have to first build your form.


After you have all your form fields set, navigate to Upload Destination and select Choose Folder. We’ll show this example with Google Drive, but it’s the same process with any other cloud service. 


Create and/or select your root folder for the project.


Select the + to create a dynamic subfolder under your root folder. 


Select the folder name to open the options. Here you will see the list of options to drive this dynamic subfolder. This list will look different for everyone as it’s based on your forms’ fields, which is why you need to set that up first. 

NOTE: The “Short Answer” input field is the only form field that cannot be used to drive dynamic subfolders.


You can then create a second dynamic subfolder.

NOTE: As of now you can only have two layers of dynamic subfolders. Want more? Let us know! We’re always listening to user feedback.


In Google Drive we can see that files were automatically organized by Team Name then the Uploaders name. 

Written by Eric Stracke