The easiest way to receive files.
From anyone.

The easiest way to receive files.
From anyone.

With EZ File Drop, anyone can send you files without the need to download an app, create an account, or stress about file permissions.

Files go straight to your Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box account, or a custom FTP location and are automatically organized using as much or as little information as you choose to collect from the user.

EZ File Drop works with...

Easy for the Uploader.

No logins or accounts required

No dealing with permission settings

“No” upload limit

Upload from any mobile device without compression

No logins or accounts required

Works with all file types

No dealing with permission settings

Upload from any mobile device
without compression

Powerful for you.

Form Builder

EZ File Drop can collect form data along with files, giving you the option to collect as much, or as little, information as you want. Common fields include Name, Email, Phone, and Comments - but you can add custom fields for anything you want. You can even check which fields are required or optional.


File submissions can be viewed directly within EZ File Drop, with options to sort, filter, and download files. You can view form data and file metadata, like file type and file size. You can even download a CSV file with all of this information. If you’re using Google Drive, you can have all of the Submission data automatically entered into a live Google Sheet for powerful collaboration with team mates.

Upload Destination

EZ File Drop connects seamlessly to Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and Box - enabling people to upload files directly to any folder you want, without logging in or managing sharing permissions. You can even use form field data entered by the Uploader to append file names and create subfolders.

Manage Multiple Forms

No one likes feeling restricted. That’s why you can create unlimited Upload Forms, making it easy to keep everything organized. You can create different Upload forms for different projects, departments, or needs. Every Upload Form you create can have a unique upload destination, form fields, and email notifications.


EZ File Drop has powerful and highly customizable email notifications. There are three unique notification recipient groups: the Uploader, Team, and Third Party. You can use our default email notifications or paste custom HTML. If you choose to use your own HTML, we make it easy to integrate variables like upload file quantity, form field data, file URLs, and more.

A customizable workbench.

EZ File Drop lets you easily customize and build the perfect upload solution for every project.

Password Protect Forms

Keep your Upload Form secure by requiring a password to access it. Every Upload Form you create can be public or password protected by a unique password, giving you powerful flexibility.


Worried about spam submissions on your Upload Form? Easily block fake uploads by enabling a Captcha to make sure only real people are uploading files.


Want to work on an Upload Form before you’re ready to publish it or turn an old Upload Form off without deleting it? Just toggle the status to Draft mode.

File Size & Type Restrictions

Easily restrict the size and type of files that can be uploaded to ensure that users are only sending you the files that you want.

Embed on Any Website

You can embed your Upload Form on any website, including Wordpress, Webflow, Wix, Squarespace, and more! No coding or programming necessary. Just copy and paste the embed code.

Standalone Web Pages

Every Upload Form can be accessed directly as a standalone web page with its own custom URL without the need to know complicated code or connect to your website server.


EZ File Drop makes it easy to customize the logo, colors, borders styles, and success messages of every Upload Form you create. Even email notifications are brandable with your own logo, style, and messaging.

Integrates with Cloud Storage

EZ File Drop lets people upload files directly to any folder you want in Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Box, and even private FTP servers - without the need for the Uploader to login or create an account.


Invite up to 50 people to join your team on EZ File Drop. There are 3 unique roles: Team Owners, Team Members, and Form Viewers. Permission settings make it easy for teams to collaborate efficiently and securely.


EZ File Drop is built with security in mind with 2 Factor Authentication, password protected Upload Forms, and encrypted databases. Nothing is stored long term outside of your cloud storage provider.

Unique URLs

Every team gets their own unique URLs for Upload Form pages so you don’t have to compromise on naming pages. Goodbye “our-client-upload-76” and hello “client-upload.”

Private & Shared Upload Forms

Upload Forms can be kept private or shared with your team. For shared Upload Forms, team members can view Form Submissions, but are not able to edit the Upload Form settings.

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