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Our mission at EZ File Drop is to create the easiest and most powerful way to receive and automatically organize files from anyone, at any scale, without the need to download an app, create an account, or stress about file permissions.

It’s often said that necessity is the mother of invention, and EZ File Drop is a good example of just that. In March 2020, the phrase COVID-19 was just beginning to make headlines. Companies all over the world were changing how they did business in order to adapt to people working remotely. Business partners Eric Strake and Matt Townley run one of those businesses, Gorilla Creative, a creative agency based in the San Francisco Bay Area. They needed an easy way to collect videos that their clients recorded on their smartphones. It needed to be simple, reliable, secure, and most importantly - incredibly easy for the person using it. After spending weeks unsuccessfully searching for the perfect solution, they walked away frustrated and determined to create their own solution to meet their needs. What began as an internal project for Gorilla Creative evolved far beyond their original hopes and eventually became EZ File Drop.

Today, EZ File Drop is trusted by Fortune 100 companies, universities, governments agencies, YouTube megastars, small businesses, and community organizations all over the world.

Eric and Matt continue to lead the company, along with an experienced team of product managers, software developers, security engineers, support specialists, and marketing ninjas.

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