Save hours collecting the files you need to get your job done. EZ File Drop gives you a branded upload form that sends files directly to your Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, or Microsoft OneDrive account. 

With EZ File Drop, the uploader doesn’t have to create another account, login, or worry about setting file permissions.

November 24, 2020, San Ramon, CA

EZ File Drop is the easiest way to receive files. From anyone. With EZ File Drop, anyone can send you files without the need to download an app, create an account, or stress about file permissions.

Files go straight to your Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive account and are automatically organized using as much or as little information as you choose to collect from the user. File submissions can be viewed directly within EZ File Drop, with options to sort, filter, and download files. You can even download a CSV file with all of this information. If you’re using Google Drive, you can have all of the Submission data automatically entered into a live Google Sheet for powerful collaboration with team mates.

EZ File Drop lets users easily build the perfect upload solution for every project thanks to a powerful suite of highly customizable tools, including security settings, styling and branding options, and powerful email notifications.

“EZ File Drop started as an internal tool that we developed at Gorilla Creative, a San Francisco Bay Area based creative video agency. Over the past year as more people heard about it and asked for access to it, we continued to develop and scale it. We’re excited to begin making it publicly available as a SaaS app.”

- Matt Townley, Co-Founder of EZ File Drop

A customizable workbench.

  • Password Protect Forms
  • User Controlled File Size & Type Restrictions
  • Multiple User Types
  • Unique URLs

EZ File Drop is more than just a branded upload page for Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, or Microsoft OneDrive. Using your upload form, your clients simply upload files with a drag and drop. The files show up in the cloud storage folder of your choice. It even works on mobile for iOS and Android.

EZ File Drop was built to serve the needs of working professionals across a wide range of industries, including creatives, content creators, legal and accounting, non-profit, construction, and more.


Matt Townley