Use Cases

EZ File Drop is the best professional file sharing service. It was built to serve the needs of working professionals across a wide range of industries.

Video Production & Creative Agencies

Video and design files are big and can't be emailed unless they're compressed. Video production companies and Creative Agencies can use EZ File Drop to create a branded file upload page that makes it easy for clients to share assets with them, without having to clog up email inboxes, juggle sharing permissions, or wasting time looking for shared files.

Working on a project with self-recorded user content from a large number of people? Use EZ File Drop to create a dedicated Upload Form for that project. Participants can can use the file upload site to share full resolution videos directly from their mobile devices. EZ File Drop will transfer them without any compression or loss of quality. You can even tell EZ File Drop to append their name to the file name, making attribution and file organization easy for your editors.

Printing, Graphics, & Promotions

Getting artwork from clients can be a challenge. Streamline the process with EZ File Drop professional file sharing. You can customize an Upload Form and embed it directly on your website, making it fit seamlessly into your workflow. You can even include form fields for the client's name, project number, contact info, and more. You can choose to limit the file size if you only want to allow vector files and you can even create a subfolder in your upload destination using form field data, like their name or project number. Set up email notifications to alert people on your team when new artwork is received. This works with all file types. We've made it easy to upload a file online.

Accounting & Finance

Clients don't like having to visit a random, third party, file upload website or create another password just to send tax forms or receipts. Make it secure, fast, and easy with EZ File Drop on your own website. Clients will love how easy it is to share the files, reducing your time spent chasing down old emails trying to find an old form. With EZ File Drop, documents are automatically organized in your cloud storage (Box, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive) and easily searched using filters and search tools.

Construction & Fabrication

CAD files, BIM files, and 3D renderings clog up email inboxes and often bounce back, causing project delays. Make it easy for teams to share these important files with you.

Looking for ways to show off your work and keep your team engaged with projects? Use EZ File Drop to create Upload Forms for each project. Share the link with your PMs and crews to make it easy to upload pictures and videos that get organized by project, making it easy to use them in future email newsletters, proposals, and project features.


Stop asking clients to send you private files through email. Use EZ File Drop to make it easy for clients to share evidence pictures and videos, supporting PDFs, and more. You can password protect your Upload Form to ensure that only your clients have access. Thanks to EZ File Drop's best-in-class security features, data is always safe.

Non Profit

Non-profit organizations often rely on volunteers to help advertise and promote their causes. Pictures and videos are a powerful way to share updates, but are difficult to share, manage, and organize. With EZ File Drop, non-profit organizers can use Upload Forms to make it easy for volunteers to share full quality pictures and videos directly from their smartphones. With custom professional file sharing form fields, you can collect information like names and addresses from the uploader.

YouTube Content Creators & Podcasts

YouTube content creators and other social media influencers often need ways to engage their audience and invite them to submit content to feature on their channel. Asking people to create an account on a specific platform or email you with their own shared link is a recipe for wasted time and frustration. Eliminate the friction with EZ File Drop and make it fast and easy for your audience to share content of any type with you from their computer or mobile device.

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