How to Save EZ File Drop Form Data to a Google Sheet

EZ File Drop has a built-in way to view all of your upload form submissions, but sometimes you need a more robust way to collaborate and share your upload submissions with others. A Google Sheet is the perfect solution.

EZ File Drop makes it easy to automatically add form data to a Google Sheet. And remember, Google Sheets can be shared with anyone just like any other Google Sheet you create. It lives in your Google Drive completely outside of EZ File Drop.


From the Upload Destination submenu, click the toggle for “Save form data to a Google Sheet.” It’s located under the upload destination setting. Then click "Choose File."


A popup menu will open showing your upload destination folder in Google Drive. Click the “three dots” menu and then choose “Open Google Drive.” 


Inside Google Drive, click the "New" button on the left side and then choose "Google Sheets" to create a new Google Sheet. 


Name the Google Sheet. You do not need to add any other information or headers to the sheet. EZ File Drop will handle all of that for you. 


Navigate back to EZ File Drop, click the three dots menu, and say, "Refresh." 


Now you can see the Google Sheet that you just created. Select it and then click “Ok." 


Click the “Save” button to save these changes to your upload form.


Click the "Open Form” button to open your upload form in a new tab and you can test it out. Fill out the information and submit the form. 

That’s it. All new submissions will automatically be added to this Google Sheet. The Google Sheet can be shared with anyone just like any other file in Google Drive. It lives completely outside of EZ File Drop.

If you want, you can customize the style and formatting of the Google Sheet to suit your needs and make it easier to read.

Don’t forget, just like everything else in Google Drive, people with access to this Sheet still need access to the upload destination folder if you want them to be able to access the files being uploaded, so don’t forget to share that folder with them, too.

Written by Matt Townley