How to use Zapier with EZ File Drop

Business and Premium EZ File Drop plans allow you to connect Zapier to your EZ File Drop account. This allows you to drive actions when a form is submitted. As an example, this could be set up to send a Slack message in a specific channel when a form submission is received. This tutorial will guide you through how to set up the Zapier integration. 

On Zapier


Choose the EZ File Drop trigger.


Select trigger - New Submission


Choose your account. 

A pop up will appear “Allow Zapier to access your EZ File Drop (1.0.0) Account?”

On EZ File Drop


Go to Settings > Zapier Integration and copy the key.

This is your unique Zapier Authorization key. This key is unique to every EZ File Drop user.

On Zapier


“Allow Zapier to access your EZ File Drop (1.0.0) Account?”

Paste in your Zapier Authorization Key into the text box and click Yes, Continue  

On your new Zap, click continue.  You will see a place to enter a Form UUID (Unique User ID).

On EZ File Drop


Click Upload Forms then Edit on the form you wish to connect, and then Zapier from the sub menu. Copy the Form UUID.

On Zapier


Paste in UUID 

Click Continue 

Test the Trigger

Click Continue to set up your action.

You can also view our Zapier API documentation here

Written by Eric Stracke