How to Create Your First Upload Form in EZ File Drop

This tutorial features outdated UI. Core functionality remains the same. Updated tutorial coming soon.

Upon your first login to EZ File Drop there is a guided setup that will walk you through the basics of publishing your first form. This tutorial follows along with the guided setup and does not cover every available form setting. 


Connect your preferred cloud service in Cloud Settings.

View setup instructions for Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and Microsoft OneDrive


After you have connected EZ File Drop to a cloud service, navigate back to Upload Forms and select Edit on the default “File Upload” form EZ File Drop automatically created.


Give your form a new name. As you type, a unique page URL for the Upload Form will be created.


Navigate to Upload Destination and select any cloud service you have configured.


Since we are using Google Drive in this example, select Choose under Google Drive Folder URL. 


A file navigator of your cloud service will appear, select any folder you want files to be uploaded to.


To complete the setup, click Save and Publish


After saving and publishing, EZ File Drop will take you back to your list of Upload Forms. Select the icon next to edit to view your live form in a new tab.