Frequently Asked Questions

Does EZ File Drop require Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, or Box?

Yes, EZ File Drop requires Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive or Box. EZ File Drop works WITH these Cloud services and does NOT replace them. EZ File Drop provides a clean, simple, and easy to use interface for people to upload files directly to your favorite Cloud Services, without ever having to actually login to them, juggle file sharing permissions, or worry about how much space they have. For the file recipient (thats probably you), EZ File Drop adds a powerful layer of management and organization to the file collection process that these Cloud services lack.

Do people sending me files have to create an account?

No! People can upload files without having to create an account, login, or even download any special apps. EZ File Drop was created to be as friction-free and simple for people to share files with you as possible. You can choose how much information you want to collect in the form from people uploading files, but that’s it!

Can I collect any information from people uploading files?

Yes! You can customize the form and collect as much, or as little, information as you want. Common fields include Name, Email, Phone, and Comments - but you can add custom fields for anything you want. You can add text fields, drop down menus, radio buttons, and check boxes.You can even choose which fields are required or optional.

How do I share my Upload Page?

Every project is given a custom Upload Page, which is accessed by a unique URL, like You can customize this URL to make it fit your project and then share it with your users. Every team using EZ File Drop has their own set of URL.

Can I customize the look of my Upload Page?

Yes! Every Upload Page is customizable with your own logo, title, description, colors, background image, and style to help your users recognize your brand or project.

Can I embed EZ File Drop on my own website?

Yes! You can embed your upload form into any website, including Wordpress, Webflow, Wix, Squarespace, and more! No coding or programming necessary. Just copy and paste the embed code. You can even customize what the form looks like so it matches your website.

Does EZ File Drop work on mobile devices?

Yes! Files can be uploaded directly from any iOS or Android device. Users simply go to the Upload Page (or access the embedded form on your own website) and select the files they want to upload from their Photos Roll or Photo Library. The best part is that files are uploaded in their full and native resolution without any compression, which is a big problem when people text or email photos or videos.

Can each upload be saved to its own subfolder?

Yes! Any form field you create can be used to name subfolders that files are uploaded into. A common example is to have subfolders created with the uploader’s name. This way files are added into a new folder that is named with the name of the person uploading the files. 

Are there any email notifications?

Yes! EZ File Drop has powerful and highly customizable email notifications. As with most things in EZ File Drop, you can keep it simple, or customize it like a pro! There are three unique notification recipient groups: the uploader, your team, and third parties. Your team and third party notifications groups can include multiple recipients. EZ File Drop lets you send unique email notifications to each of the 3 recipient groups. You can use our default email notifications or paste HTML to fully customize your own emails. If you choose to customize your own using HTML, we make it easy to integrate variables like upload file quantity, form fields, file URLs, and more. 

How secure is EZ File Drop?

Yes, EZ File Drop is secure. In fact, EZ File Drop was built from the ground up with security at top-of-mind.

EZ File Drop prioritizes security with HTTPS for secure communication between clients and their services. HTTPS, an industry standard, encrypts data during transmission using private and shared security keys. Large files are divided and stored securely on Amazon S3. The encryption protocol, Transport Layer Security (TLS), ensures secure communication with an asymmetric public key infrastructure.

Transferring files to Amazon S3 enables core features and is faster than direct transfers to most cloud storage services. Files on Amazon S3 are stored without public access and are encrypted to comply with regulatory requirements. Authorization and Authentication use OAuth2 for transparency and control over permissions.

EZ File Drop establishes a secure connection to your cloud storage account using authorized features and uploads files to selected folders. Failed transfers can be retried within three days.

To learn more about EZ File Drop's security, read our in-depth article here.

Is EZ File Drop HIPPA Compliant?

No. EZ File Drop uses encryption and best-in-class security, but is not HIPPA compliant for use in the medical industry.

Is EZ File Drop GDPR Compliant?

Yes! email with the subject "GDPR Request" and we can provide all of your information that has been collected and delete any records that you would like deleted.

Is there a file size limit for uploads?

The file size limit for EZ File Drop is 25 GB per file, but you can set an adjustable file size limit that is unique to every Upload Form if you want to limit the upload file size limit for a particular project.

Can files be renamed as they are uploaded?

Sort of…..You can append the entry from a Form Field to the front of the original file name as it’s uploaded. A common example of this is to append the Uploader’s name to the original file name. This means that when you look in your upload folder, a file might look like this “Toby Flenderson-July HR Complaints.pdf”

What types of files can be uploaded?

There are no file type restrictions. Users can upload all common file types including images, videos, music, PDFs, ZIP folders, and anything else you can imagine. You have the option to limit what types of files can be uploaded on every Upload Form.

Can I limit the file size of files that can be uploaded?

Yes! EZ File Drop puts you in control of how large of files you want to receive.

Can I restrict what types of files can be uploaded?

Yes! EZ File Drop gives you control over what types of files can be uploaded. By default, there are no restrictions. Creating a restriction is as easy as adding the file extensions you want to a list of allowed file types.

Can I create an upload form without any form fields?
Yes. You can create an upload form that only has a file drop zone without any other fields to collect information. The choice is up to you. Each new Upload Form is made with a few default form fields that you can easily delete.

Is EZ File Drop free?
You can signup and try EZ File Drop completely free, without a credit card, and use all of the features with a limited 1 GB of upload bandwidth. After you upload 1 GB of files, you will need to subscribe to one of our paid plans.

Plans and Billing

Can I try EZ File Drop for free?
Yes! You can create an account for free without providing any credit card information. Every new account begins as a Business Plan for 7 days with 1 GB of upload bandwidth. During your free 7 day trial, your upload forms will display a small banner indicating that you are in a trial mode. You may upgrade to a paid plan at any time.

What is a team?

Teams allow you to save money and let everyone on your team use EZ File Drop. All users within a team share the monthly upload limit per your selected plan. You can share Upload Forms between users or choose to keep everything completely private.

What levels of users are there within a team?

Team Owner - A team owner manages billing and can create and manage users. You can have more than one team owner.

Team Member - A team member can create Upload Forms and view any Upload Forms shared with the team.

Is an Upload Form destination set by the team or by each user?

Every user connects EZ File Drop to their own Cloud storage accounts (ie. Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, or an FTP server). Every Upload Form has its own upload destination, which is set by the user that creates and owns the Upload Form.  This means that “Maya”, a Team Member, can have multiple Upload Forms all with different upload destinations. She can have one Upload Form connect to a specific folder in her Dropbox account, a second Upload Form go to a specific folder in her Google Drive, and so on. Her teammate, Rohan, can connect his EZ File Drop account to his own Dropbox and Google Drive accounts to use as upload destinations for Upload Forms that he creates.

Can a user on your team keep an Upload Form and its uploaded contents private?

Yes. All users, both team owners and team members, can choose to share an Upload Form or keep it private. Shared Upload Forms are shared with the entire team. Once upload destinations are set by each user, files can go wherever the Upload Form owner chooses. If you want your teammates to have access to the uploaded files, make sure to share the upload destination folder with them in the cloud storage account.

How can I view my team's upload usage?

Every user on your team can see the team’s monthly upload usage in the “Usage” section within EZ File Drop, along with a detailed view of their own upload usage detailed by Upload Form. Team owners can see upload usage broken out by team members so they know who the heavy users are.

Does the monthly upload limit apply to each user or the whole team?

The monthly upload limit is shared by the whole team.

Will I be notified when I near my upload limit?

Yes. Team owners will receive an email when the team’s monthly upload reaches 90% of the limit. A notification will appear in the app for all users so team members can alert the team owners in case they missed the email.

What happens if my team exceeds the upload limit?

Don’t worry, EZ File Drop will keep working! You will be billed $20 per block of 100GB transfer bandwidth over your limit.

For example, if you are on the Business plan and you upload 125GB of data in a month, you will be billed an additional $20 for that month. If you upload 450GB of data while on the Business plan, you will be billed an additional $80 for that month.

Any team regularly uploading more than 399GB in a month is encouraged to switch to the Premium plan, which has an upload limit of 1TB for $99/mo.

Is it easy to switch between plans?

Yes. You can switch between plans at any time and keep all of your Upload Forms and data in EZ File Drop. Keep in mind that if you downgrade from a Business Plan or a Premium plan to a Starter plan, you will lose some features and your Upload Forms will all revert to the default style and you will not be able to embed Upload Forms on external web pages. If you downgrade to the Starter plan, you also have to remove any additional users from your team since the Starter plan only includes one user.

Can I pause my subscription or delete my account completely?
You may cancel your paid subscription at any time and your cancellation will take effect at the end of your billing cycle. You will retain use of EZ File Drop for the duration of your paid plan and no refunds will be provided for early termination. After your billing cycle ends, you can still login to EZ File Drop and access your existing data and all of your Upload Forms will remain in Draft mode. You may resubscribe to a new paid subscription plan at any time to reactivate your account and publish upload forms.You may also permanently delete your account at any time by clicking the “Delete My Account” button in the Settings panel. No phone calls or complicated form submission necessary.

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