How to Customize and Style an Upload Form in EZ File Drop

This tutorial features outdated UI. Core functionality remains the same. Updated tutorial coming soon.

In this tutorial we will start by changing the logo used on an Upload Form and then review the basics of the Style Editor. 


Adding Your Logo

From the Upload Forms list, click Edit on an Upload Form. 

On the Upload Form Setup page, click Upload Image File.

Your logo will now appear in place of the EZ File Drop logo. 

Note: The logo selected here will be used on the top of the Upload Form and in all default Email Notifications for the Upload Form. 


Style Settings

Each Form Element can be styled in a variety of ways. Here is a quick breakdown of what each Form Elements is. 

Page Background

The Page background can be set to any color. You also have the option to upload an image to use as the page background. (Because who doesn't want their Upload Form to look like Myspace) 

Page Header

Page Text


Input Labels


Files Drop Zone

Submit Button

Success Box

Change the Form State to Form Submitted, then change Form Element to Success Box.

Written by Eric Stracke