Make a File Upload Form for Microsoft OneDrive

EZ File Drop file upload form allows your website visitors to send files to your Microsoft OneDrive without logging in. The process is easy. Design your upload form, including the logos and styling, and choose which form fields you need. Our forms give you the ability to collect whatever data you want along with the uploaded files. From there, anyone can upload files to your OneDrive. Request files from anyone with our friction-free program.

EZ File Drop even makes it easy to share your Microsoft OneDrive upload from. You have two sharing options:

  1. A standalone web page: Every upload form for Microsoft OneDrive that you create using EZ File Drop has a custom URL. This unique URL makes sharing easy without any other work or web hosting required.

  2. Embed the form on your site: You can make a shareable form for Microsoft OneDrive that you create in EZ File Drop. We provide you with the embed code for your website, which works on Squarespace, Wix, Webflow, and more! There is no coding or programming necessary. EZ File Drop provides a code for you to copy and paste.

How to Request Files for OneDrive and Upload Them

The first step to making a file upload form for Microsoft OneDrive is to sign up for EZ File Drop. You can try EZ File Drop today without commitment and no credit card required. Every new account begins as a Business Plan with 1 GB of upload bandwidth for 7 days.

EZ File Drop must be connected to your Microsoft OneDrive account. The process is simple. Once it's connected find the "Upload Forms" button in the main menu. Next, click the "Create New Form" button.

A screen shot of the upload forms list in EZ File Drop.

The EZ File Drop Upload Form is quick to use and easy to navigate. Use it to make a file upload form for Microsoft OneDrive.

Name your form file and choose which of your team members can access it. By default, the project name that you choose for your Microsoft OneDrive upload form will auto-populate the Page URL. You can change the Page URL if you want.

Next, you can upload your logo and create a welcome message. Your logo appears on the Microsoft OneDrive upload form and the default email notifications.

Regardless of whether you really want a logo on your form, you should still include a logo here. You can hide the logo when you paste the code to your site, but including your logo in the set up will allow you to include it on emailed forms.

A screen shot of the form settings in EZ File Drop.

‍Scrolling down in the Upload Form editor, you will find customizable options:

  • Form Fields (EZ File Drop supports text fields, drop-down menus, checkboxes, and radio boxes.)
  • Upload File Type Restrictions
  • Upload File Size Limit
  • Drop Zone Text

A screen shot of the custom form fields in EZ File Drop.

Custom form fields can be used to create a named subfolder in Microsoft OneDrive automatically. This is a powerful feature for staying organized, and it makes EZ File Drop the best way to complete a file upload form for Microsoft OneDrive.

A screen shot of dynamic file organization for Microsoft OneDrive in EZ File Drop.

Choose the look of your form. There are plenty of options to adjust your form to match your organization's brand style. Click the "Form Element" option and you'll find all the ways you adjust your form to be unique to your site.

A screen shot of the style editor in EZ File Drop.

When you are done editing your form, click the "Save and Publish" button. After it's published, your file upload form for Microsoft OneDrive is ready to use.

To share the form, you can embed the code to an existing page on your site. You can also make a separate URL where your form lives. To share it, just send the link!

A screen shot of published Microsoft OneDrive upload form created in ZF File Drop.

Get started today! The first step to make a custom file upload form for Microsoft OneDrive is to sign up for EZ File Drop. You can try EZ File Drop today. No commitment and no credit card required.

Written by Matt Townley

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