How to Let Anyone Upload Files Directly to Your Dropbox (without signing in)

Dropbox has changed the way many of us work. It has made collaborating with clients, colleagues, friends, partners, and family easier than ever before. It has also made sharing files easier than ever before. But there are times that you need to receive files from someone that doesn’t have their own Dropbox account. Have you been searching for a way to allow anyone to upload to your Dropbox without signing in or requiring a Dropbox account?

Unfortunately, using the tools provided by Dropbox alone will only get you part of the way and won’t give you all of the features you need. 

Dropbox file requests let you request files from anyone and collect them right in your Dropbox account. Anyone can send you files, whether they have a Dropbox account or not. And importantly, people who upload files using Dropbox file request cannot access your entire Dropbox account. Only you can view the files uploaded by others, unless you decide to share them.

If you want more control, more features, and more customization, you should try EZ File Drop today for free.

With EZ File Drop, anyone can upload files to your Dropbox without the need to create an account, sign in, download an app, or stress about file sharing permissions.

When they upload files to your Dropbox, files go directly to a folder location that you choose and are automatically organized using as much or as little information as you choose to collect from the user using form fields.

Receive large files in Dropbox with file upload forms

Creating a new upload form in EZ File Drop is a quick and easy process.

After you create your EZ File Drop account, you need to connect your EZ File Drop account to your Dropbox account. This is a simple process done from the “Cloud Settings” menu in EZ File Drop. You can learn How to Connect EZ File Drop to Dropbox by following the steps in this article in the EZ File Drop Knowledge Base.

After you connect EZ File Drop to your Dropbox account, click on the “Upload Forms” button in the main menu, then click the “Create New Form” button. This will launch the Upload Form editor.

You can see that the EZ File Drop Upload Form editor is easy to use. Name your Upload Form, choose whether you want to share the Upload Form with your team, upload your own logo if you want, and create a custom page header and page text.

Scrolling down in the Upload Form editor, you will find options to easily configure:

  • Form Fields
  • Upload File Type Restrictions
  • Upload File Size Limit
  • Drop Zone Text

Form Fields allow you to collect information from the person uploading files to your Dropbox.

Examples include information like their name, email address and phone number, and any other specific information like account number, file number, case number, project number, account manager, etc. Any of these form fields can be used to automatically create subfolders in Dropbox. This is a powerful feature that makes EZ File Drop the best way to allow anyone to upload files to your Dropbox.

After you are done creating your Upload Form, click the button to “Save and Publish” your form. After it’s published, the Upload Form is now ready to use and anyone you share it with can easily upload files directly to your Dropbox without signing in or having an account.

There are several ways for people to access your Upload Form:

Every EZ File Drop upload form has its own URL that can be accessed directly by anyone you share it with. Every team gets their own unique URLs so you don’t have to compromise on naming pages. This means if another team has a form named “Client Upload” you don’t have to name your page “Client Upload 2”. This is a unique (and important) feature to EZ File Drop that other similar services don’t offer.

After you create your upload form, you can invite someone to upload files to your Dropbox by sharing this unique page URL.

If you want to embed the EZ File Drop Upload Form into your own website, it’s as easy as copying the Embed Code and pasting it into your website. There are even simple toggles that let you show or hide the logo, show or hide the header, and show or hide the page text. These simple settings make it easy to seamlessly embed your Dropbox Upload Form on any website, including Wordpress, Webflow, Wix, Squarespace, and more! No coding or programming necessary. Just copy and paste the embed code.

By using EZ File Drop, anyone can securely upload files to your Dropbox without signing in or having a Dropbox account.

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