How to Collect Files with Client Document Portal Software

EZ File Drop provides a quick and straightforward way to collect documents from clients on your website. We'll give you an embed code to place the form collection portal anywhere on your website or as a standalone page. The portal is customizable. Include your logo and fields to collect additional information from the client, like name, address, or phone number. No matter how you'd like to manage your client file upload, we can help you set up the portal in minutes.

A screen shot of a published upload form created with EZ File Drop.

Setting Up the Client Document Portal

Setting up the client upload portal is a simple process. Once you've logged into your EZ File Drop account, click on the "Upload Forms" tab. From there, choose the "Setup" tab and name your new project. Insert the URL of the web page you'd like to add the portal to and choose which file share system you want to connect to the client upload portal. Options include Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, and FTP.

Next, be sure to upload your logo. Then, please fill out the field below to indicate what additional information you'd like to collect from clients along with their files. Use the "Page Header" and "Page Text" fields to say what you would like to on this form. You can leave instructions for the clients here or thank them for sending files. You can also dictate what message appears for the clients once their form is successfully uploaded. This highly customizable customer file software allows you to add as many or as few text boxes and drop-down menus as you'd like. Change the settings with a few clicks of a button.

A screen shot of the upload form settings in EZ File Drop.

Once you're satisfied with the file upload client portal, hit the "Save" button, then take a look at how it all looks by pressing the "Open Form" button. If you're unhappy with anything about the form, return to the "Edit Form" menu and make changes.

Put the Client Upload Portal on Your Website

EZ File Drop provides you with embed code to add to your website's HTML. This code will put the form you just created onto your website. Once it's there, it will allow clients to upload files to the website. Get this code by clicking the "Embed Code" drop-down menu on the left. You'll see the code, and there's even a button to copy it so that you can paste it into your HTML editor.

A screen shot of an upload forms embed settings in EZ File Drop.

It's never been more accessible to allow clients to upload files and add a portal directly to your website. Many industries have used EZ File Drop's portal, including artists, filmmakers, accountants, marketing teams, project managers, lawyers, and more.

Written by Matt Townley

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