How is EZ File Drop Different from Using Dropbox Alone?

EZ File Drop works with Dropbox. It does not replace it. EZ File Drop provides a simple and easy to use portal for people to upload files directly to Dropbox without having to login to Dropbox, juggle file sharing permissions, or worry about how much space they have in their Dropbox account.

For the file recipient (that’s probably you), EZ File Drop adds a powerful layer of management, control, and organization to the file collection process that Dropbox does not have, while still letting you use Dropbox for storage space.

So, how is EZ File Drop different from just asking someone to share files with you via Dropbox?

EZ File Drip is simple for the uploader.

The EZ File Drop upload portal is intuitive and easy to use. This means that your users will have a great experience uploading files. When people have a positive experience using your custom Dropbox upload portal, it translates to a positive experience in other parts of the business.

And because EZ File Drop makes it so simple for people to upload files, it means you don’t have to waste time providing tech support for them. You won’t spend time on the phone or sending emails back and forth explaining file permissions or sharing settings.

The uploader doesn’t need a Dropbox account.

With EZ File Drop, people can upload files to your Dropbox even if they don’t have a Dropbox account. And even if they do, they don’t have to worry about any file permissions, which can be confusing for many people. This is an important difference for people who want a way for people to upload files to Dropbox without having an account or having to sign in.

Another great advantage of EZ File Drop is that you can collect files from large groups of people without having to worry about people seeing the files that other people uploaded. Unlike a common “Shared Folder” in Dropbox where everyone can see files, and in some cases, accidentally delete them, EZ File Drop is completely private.

EZ File Drop allows you to customize the branding and style of the Dropbox upload portal. 

When you want a branded upload portal for Dropbox, EZ File Drop gives you a powerful (and easy to use) set of tools to customize the look and feel of your Dropbox upload form.

The EZ File Drop Style editor has options to edit nearly every part of your branded upload portal for Dropbox. Click the “Form element” dropdown menu to toggle between all of the different parts of the upload form and change as many (or as few) settings as you would like. 

EZ File Drop sends email notifications when someone uploads files to your Dropbox.

The last big difference between EZ File Drop and using Dropbox alone is notifications. EZ File Drop has powerful and highly customizable email notifications.

EZ File Drop lets you send customized email notifications for as many people as you want to be notified when files are uploaded, along with the uploader to receive a branded, customized “upload receipt.”

There are three unique notification recipient groups: the Uploader, Team, and Third Party. You can use our default email notifications or paste custom HTML. If you choose to use your own HTML, we make it easy to integrate variables like upload file quantity, form field data, file URLs, and more.

For some people, Dropbox is perfect the way it is and lets people upload files to you exactly the way you want. For many people, they want a way for people to upload files to their Dropbox without signing in or having an account, they want a branded upload portal for Dropbox, or they want email notifications sent when someone uploads files to Dropbox.

Try EZ File Drop for free today and see why EZ File Drop is the easiest way for anyone to upload files to your Dropbox without an account.

Written by Matt Townley

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