5 reasons why EZ File Drop is the best way to collect videos for virtual events.

The pivot from live, in-person events to virtual events, conferences, and summits has sent virtual event producers and organizers searching for the best way to collect videos and content for virtual events. 

To complicate this challenge even more, the solution needs to be efficient at scale, provide a high degree of organization, and most importantly, it needs to be easy to use for people that aren’t tech-savvy. 

Here are the 5 reasons why EZ File Drop is the best way to collect and receive videos and content for virtual events, conferences, and summits.

1. You can collect the information you need along with the files.

There is typically some basic information you need along with whatever files you are collecting. With EZ File Drop, you can create a custom form to collect any information you need along with the file - like the name, email address, phone number, and company of the person uploading the files. Or any notes they want to share about the files. 

You can even use dropdown menus, radio boxes, and checkboxes to verify information, like what format their files are in, whether a presentation has audio in it, and if they have read and agree to all of the virtual event policies.

2. Enforce file type restrictions automatically.

With EZ File Drop, you can restrict the types and size of files that people can upload.

If you asked for submissions to be limited to PowerPoint or Keynote files, you can limit file uploads to .key, .ppt, or .pptx files. If submissions are supposed to be videos, do the opposite and make sure people are only submitting videos by limiting uploads to things like .mp4, .h264, .wmv, or .mov. You can even set a maximum upload file size. 

Ensuring people can only upload the correct file types means you don’t have to waste time chasing them down later and can focus your time on higher value work.

3. Enforce submission deadlines with ease.

Few things frustrate me more than people being late. Submission deadlines exist for a reason and with EZ File Drop, you can set a predetermined date and time to have the Upload Form stop accepting file uploads. 

Another common need is to accept a specific number of submissions (total, or sometimes in each category of breakouts). Again, no problem. EZ File Drop has an option to limit the number of submissions allowed.

In both cases, you can choose a message to display after the submission limit has been reached.

4. Notifications

EZ File Drop has powerful and highly customizable email notifications that are perfect for virtual event producers and organizers. Notifications can be sent to as many people as you want to be notified when files are submitted - including a branded, customized “upload receipt” for the person uploading the files. And because you can have multiple recipients, you can have emails automatically sent to you, your AV team, your client, and more. This ensures that everyone who needs the files gets notified as soon as they are uploaded. You are no longer the bottleneck and people don’t have to constantly check a dropbox to see if anything new has been shared.

You can use the default email notifications or paste custom HTML. If you choose to use your own HTML, it’s easy to integrate form field variables, upload file quantity, file URLs, and more.

5. EZ File Drop is simple for the uploader

No one wants to waste their time providing tech support, and this is why EZ File Drop was designed to be incredibly simple for the person uploading files. You won’t have to spend time explaining file permissions, how to email download links, or navigating the awkward “try again” conversation. 

With EZ File Drop, the people uploading files don’t have to login, create an account, or fuss with complicated file permissions.

Save hours collecting videos, presentations and files for your next virtual event.

Here are some common uses that we have seen virtual event producers and virtual event organizers use EZ File Drop to collect videos and content:

  • Collect self-recorded videos from participants without emailing files.
  • Collect presentation files from presenters.
  • Receive photos from employees for pre-show slideshows.
  • Collect pictures or videos from team parents for youth sport slideshows.
  • Collect self-recorded presentations from guest speakers for virtual events.
  • Collect presentation files from keynote speakers for virtual events.

Try EZ File Drop for free today and see why EZ File Drop is the best way for virtual event organizers and virtual event producers to collect videos and content for virtual events, summits, or conferences.

Written by Matt Townley

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