How to Make a Google Form Public

Gathering feedback efficiently from a large audience is made easy by using online surveys, with free tools like Google Forms being particularly reliable and popular. A key aspect of maximizing response rates is learning how to share your form, especially by making a Google Form that doesn't require sign-in, thus widening your pool of respondents.

This guide will walk you through making your Google Form public (accessible without requiring a login), enabling anyone on the web to respond. We will also cover how to ensure your form remains uneditable by respondents.

Benefits of Making a Google Form Public

Making a Google Form public offers several advantages:

  • Broader Reach: More people can access your form, leading to potentially higher response rates.
  • Ease of Sharing: Public forms can be easily shared through various platforms, expanding their accessibility.
  • Enhanced Response Rate: By removing login requirements, more people are likely to participate.

However, public access doesn't mean anyone can edit the form. Respondents can complete the form, but they cannot change its contents. Here's how to set this up.

Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Google Form Public

Step 1: Open your Google Form. If you haven't created one yet, you need to start by creating a form in Google Forms.

Step 2: Navigate to the Settings tab and click on Responses.

Step 3: Under Requires Sign In, turn off all options, including Limit to 1 response. This is crucial for ensuring that the form doesn’t require sign-in.

Step 4: To share the form, click the Send button in the top right corner.

Sharing Your Google Form

  • Email: You can send an email invitation to fill out the form, including a subject line and message, and embed the form in the email.
  • Link: Google Forms will generate a custom link to your form. This link can be shared widely, allowing anyone with the link to access and complete the form.
  • Embed HTML: Copy the HTML code to embed the form directly into a webpage, allowing users to fill it out without leaving the site.
  • Social Media: Share your form directly on platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Important Considerations When Making a Google Form Public

After making your form public, it’s important to test its accessibility. Here’s how:

  1. Click the Send button and switch to the URL tab.
  1. Copy the provided URL.
  2. Open a new browser tab where you're not signed in to your Google account (e.g., incognito mode in Chrome).
  3. Paste the copied link into the browser’s URL field.

If the form opens without requiring a sign-in, it’s public. If not, double-check your settings to ensure you have turned off the required sign-in options.

Managing Form Accessibility and Collaboration

To allow others to collaborate on your form:

  • Click the three dots next to the Send button and select Add collaborators.
  • In the General Access section, choose:some text
    • Restricted: Only specified individuals can edit.
    • Your organization: People within your organization with the link can edit.
    • Anyone with the link: Anyone with the link can edit (generally not recommended).

Graphic Customization Options

Google Forms offers limited customization options, such as pre-designed themes, font styles, and color schemes. While adequate for basic branding, they may not meet all specific visual identity requirements and might not display consistently across different devices.

File Upload Restrictions

Public Google Forms do not support file upload fields due to security, privacy, and storage concerns. If you need to collect files (e.g., photos, contracts), consider other tools or forms (see below) that provide secure upload capabilities.

By following these guidelines, you can effectively create and share a Google Form that is accessible to a wide audience while maintaining control over its contents and appearance.

Alternative to Public Google Forms

Given the limitations and important considerations of using Google Forms for public data collection, we recommend EZ File Drop as an affordable and user-friendly alternative that offers enhanced functionality.

Easy to Share

EZ File Drop allows users to create upload forms that can function as standalone webpages, making it easy to share them with anyone via a simple link. Additionally, these forms can be embedded directly into any website, providing seamless integration to your existing web experience. This flexibility enhances accessibility and user convenience, whether for personal or professional use.

No Account Needed for the Uploader 

Users can send files directly without the hassle of creating an account or navigating complex permission settings. This feature streamlines the file transfer process, making it quick and user-friendly.

Cloud Integration 

EZ File Drop supports seamless integration with popular cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Box, as well as custom FTP locations. This ensures that files are securely stored in the desired location immediately upon upload.

Customizable Forms 

Users can design forms with custom fields to gather specific information, set up notifications for file uploads, and apply their branding. This customization allows businesses to maintain a professional appearance and streamline data collection.

Unlimited Upload Forms 

The platform allows the creation and management of multiple upload forms, catering to different projects or departments within an organization. This flexibility helps in organizing and managing file submissions efficiently.


Google Forms is a great, simple tool for basic needs, but if you require more advanced features, try EZ File Drop. Unlike Google Forms, EZ File Drop allows file uploads without needing an account, integrates directly with multiple cloud storage services and custom FTP locations, and offers customizable forms for a professional look. Additionally, it provides robust security features and the flexibility to create both standalone and embeddable upload forms, making it a great option for managing and securing file submissions.

Written by Eric Stracke

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