Managing Users in EZ File Drop

This tutorial features outdated UI. Core functionality remains the same. Updated tutorial coming soon.

In this tutorial we’ll explain the differences between the three types of users in EZ File Drop, how to create a user, and how to assign Upload Forms when deleting a user. 


User Types

There are three different types of users in EZ File Drop.

  • Team Owner

            View all Upload Forms

            Edit settings for any Upload Form they create

            Create and manage users

  • Team Member

            View select upload forms

            Edit settings for any Upload Form they create

  • Form Viewer

            View select Upload Forms submissions


Creating a New User

From the Users page, select Create New User.

Input their Name, Email, and create a temporary Password

Be sure to check the box Require user to change their password on next login.

Finally, assign their Role and click Save Changes

When creating a Form Viewer, select which forms you want to give them access to view submissions from. A Form Viewer cannot create or edit any Upload Forms. 


Deleting Users and Re-assigning Upload Forms

Only the Team Owner can remove users. When removing a Team Member who owns Upload Forms, those forms must be assigned a new owner. 

Start by selecting the three dot menu to the right of the user you want to delete, and select Delete User.

Since this user owns an Upload Form, you will need to assign this form to someone else on your team. Select any Team Owner of Team Member, then click Assign Forms and Delete User.

The new form owner will see the form as a draft in their Upload Forms list. To continue using the form, the new owner needs to set a new Upload Destination. All other form settings were carried over from the previous owner.